I'm no professional, but trends are pretty easy to determine. Here's a few summer trends to be watching out for this season:

1. Cute pool floats - Admit it, you've seen them all over instagram and you just want to buy one of those overpriced floaties to take a quick pic to make your instagram aesthetically pleasing! Don't get me wrong, I am guilty as well and I just want to get my hands on the swan pool float. There's an abundance to choose from ranging from flamingos, pizza slices, and doughnuts. All of them are just too cute to handle.
2. Tapestry - Another little item to turn your instagram account aesthetically pleasing... The designs are all so intricate and different, you'd be sure to find the perfect one for you. Tapestries are not only cool for your walls, but you can bring them to the beach, use them as a blanket, or take some boho pics and channel your inner Vanessa Hudgens.

3. Hats - Floppy hats, snapbacks, baseball hats, and bucket hats. You name it, they're popping up everywhere. Hats are great to hide you from the sun's rays, hide a bad hair day, or just look cooler I guess.
4. Little backpacks - Don't doubt me on this! I'm all for a cross body bag, but a backpack can hold so much more and keep your hands free. Just throw one on and your adventure awaits!
5. Graphic Tees - Graphic tees are so fun. Whether they're vintage or oversized, they're an essential for your closet! Graphic tees can really express who you are, so find one that speaks to you. The best graphic tees can usually be found thrifting!
6. Off the Shoulder Tops - Want something more dressy? These are great during the summer. Not too revealing, and just enough for the imagination to wonder! I'd highly recommend stocking up on these!
7. Comfy lounge pants - I am very guilty of owning way too many of these. But there are so many different styles and patterns  I can't help myself! These were my savior during testing season, to keep me looking presentable but still comfortable that I felt like I was wearing PJs. 
8. Printed shorts - Floral, aztec, and lace. These are just few of the different styles you can find. Add a basic tee, some accessories and you're out the door.  
9. Maxi dress - Maxi dresses or maxi skirts are great during the night life. They're soft, comfortable, and make your butt look great. Plus, they hide your legs if you skipped a day of shaving... 
10. Rompers - Rompers are the easiest thing to put on during the summer, They make it seem like you put so much more effort into an outfit than you really did. Add some accessories, a pair of heels, and your daytime look can easily become a night out of the town. Rompers will always hold a special place in my heart.