I've just finished watching the Netflix adaptation of Death Note, a beloved anime for most of those who have watched it, including myself, and I have things to say about it.

Honestly, I had little to no faith in this movie, the trailer was okay, I expected the characters to look more like the original ones but I understand Netflix went for a different look, it's an american movie, they could never cast only japanese pale actors (But Misa could be blonde, just saying). Ryuku was definitely the best character, his appearence is iconic, I'm happy they didn't change it.

Concerning the visuals of this adaptation, I have to say, it is crude ugly. They try to use the same aesthetic as the manga and anime, but it just does not work with real people, it's too cartoony and fails to give us the impression of seriousness that Death Note has. It's not a cartoon for children, it has a complex plot and twists, the visual and cinematography should be just as serious and dramatic, but it looks plain dumb.

The photography is simple, nothing much to say about it. I'm not sure if it's my personal taste but I find it utmostly ugly. It's not pleasing to watch, actually it looks like it's from a cheap movie, which is definitely not the case (Netflix spent around 40 million dollars in the production of this movie, which is kind of unbeliavable)

If I had to pick the worst scene, I'd choose the fall from the ferris wheel. It is not nearly as dramatic as it should've been! The background music had a comedic effect, and I hope for god's sake that wasn't intentional because it makes no sense at all. The scene just looks deslocated, as if it was from another movie, I hated this scene with all my bones, it is dumb, that's the truth.

Concerning the script, I understand it is an adaptation and it's expected to be different. The only thing that makes my stomach twist is how they changed the personalities so much. Light actually likes Mi(s)a? If I remember very well, he despised her in the anime and only wanted to use the poor girl. He is a genius who plots against everyone and knows how to be strategic, same goes for L, who should be the smartest character, but is portrayed in the movie as an orfan boy who is very bananas and likes to eat sugar a lot.

Also, Light is a loser who got punched in the face. That. does. not. make. sense. This is not Light Yagami, what the fricking fuck.

There are so many others things to talk about, how Misa is the only person with a brain in this movie (but in the very end turns out to be banans as well), where the hell is Light's sister? And why in hell would L pick a random cop to help him with the investigation when he could have used fucking FBI.

This movie is no t a bad adaptation, it's a bad movie, an ugly one. Don't watch it expecting to feel that atmosphere from the manga/anime, because it's not going to happen.

With that, I end my review! Thank you for reading it and share your opinion with me if possible!