1- It´s fine to have some alone time, it heals your soul and you discover that the only person you need is you.

2- Try to let go of the negative past that holds you back.

3- You are you. Live your own life.

4- You can´t make everyone happy, it´s okay to say no.

5- Don´t feel sorry for yourself. Ain´t no time for that shit baby.

6- Let go of the things you can´t control and just go with the flow.

7- You have your own thoughts and emotions, don´t let others tell u how to feel this and that .

8- Don´t be jealous, be grateful instead.

9- Failure is the best lesson sometimes so keep your head up!

10- Take risks and go out of your confort zone, it will make you grow.

11- Be patient love, everything is going to turn out just fine!

Good luck ! <3