Where do memories go when an irresponsible human abandons them?
Do you want to think that they will go to a happy dreamland where memories can frolic and play in the fields over and over again?
That just is not true, for the memories we abandon are never ones that bring us joy
We abandon the horror picture shows that make us sweat in the middle of the night even though we have already gotten rid of the covers
We leave them in favor of ones that feel cozy, ones that feel like warm hugs from ones you love, or grandma’s fresh baked cookies right out of the oven as they melt in your mouth
So, tell me, when I said that I loved you, is that just another memory, unwanted,
dropped in between the seats of the back of his four-door cherry colored sedan
as you let him trace the parts of your body that I was oh so familiar with?
The curves and the crevices and the smile lines you have from the nights we stayed up until 3am giggling because my parents didn’t know, they never knew
Did you abandon those memories, like you found it so easy to abandon me? – h.w