Love speaks with motion.
desirable emotions.
Can I get to it? I recall..
What does love really want.
Can it be delusional.
It may.

Love and I, could tell you million of tiny stories...
You want to hear them? I will give you one?
...... I guess you have no choice..

Love is pure.
Love is something you will never understand without
experiencing it. It is something that will always put a smile
on your face.
The moment you walked in someone's life, its could be love.
You walked out of someone's life, but have met again with an
awkward pose, It is love.
Love speaks a thousand words.
Love could be just a word given by you.
But it will always keep thousand words floating in the air.
You pick one, it is always love.
Love speaks in motions, where two people express their love emotionally.
When two people holds hands tightly and look at each other and say the three words that always will be used every single day "I love You"
I love you, the moment you entered my life
I love you from the bottom of my heart
I love you for the rest of my life
This has been used in many ways...

But could you just imagine, if it turned out to be a big lie.
The two love birds were not lovers. From the day they met, they were all just fine.
But eventually what you see outside is not what you see inside their homes.
It could be a mistake that could not be fixed...
A mistake that destroys you.
You walk around in their homes.
observing every step.
observing their arguments.
You could not do a single thing, but watch them suffer.
Now, tell me what do you understand about love?
A sad story of two people who aren't madly in love?
A sad story that tore you apart?
what if I say, they were madly in love...
lets twist it a little.

You walk in someone's house. But only see a part of it.
Only see the pain in them. what if i tell you, they weren't suffering.
Love speaks, but may define motions in so many ways.
They are the love birds that will always define true love.
motions in crime, motions in hate, motions in anger are not the same
when love speaks...

Love will always be the love you always wanted.
Those two people who argue, wasn't arguing. They were playing around.
They were joking. They were laughing after the argument that wasn't an argument to begin with.
go ahead observe if you could.
but observe if you want to see the good in them.
Never think that love eventually will be hate.
Love will always be love.
In our eyes, we tend to use what to see.
It could be negative or positive.
It could be.
I'm not saying it couldn't be, but what if your in it.
Will you know if that person loves you or not.
Of course you do.
Trust your inner self, will trust the person you love.
If the other way around.
You will notice the step where the person falls out of love.
You don't need to worry about it, cause love can speak it all.

It like when you met a person for the first time.
Its when you miss someone so much.
Its when that person feels the same as you do.
That what i call motions in love, and love always speaks.
Even if you can't find one.
eventually love will hit you hard some day.

Because always believe that...
Love Speaks.