School Is just around the corner! Some of us aren't too sure how to feel about that. But, I can guaranty that the with perfect outfit, going back to school will feel ten times better. Here's some outfit inspiration to make sitting through lectures and boring classes a little more bearable. **

  • Warmer weather

Depending on where you are, it may still be too warm to break out the long sleeves and flannels. Here' some simple, comfy, and cute outfits that are just right for 80 degrees. Tip: if you have classes in rooms that are more like a fridge, invest in a soft, warm hoodie to pull on so you don't freeze to death.

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A good mix of leggings and jeans will keep your outfits different so you don't get burnt out, trendy and still adorable.

  • Cooler weather

Fall is almost here! I think these outfits are perfect for inspiration during the colder months.

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  • Less Casual

I don't know about you, but sometimes I like to dress a little nicer from time to time. However, dressing less casual does not mean you have to forfeit style and comfortability.

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A simple t shirt dress can dress up your look while still be comfortable and cute. Too cold? Pull on a cardigan for those colder months.


**Disclaimer: I know some of you have a school dress code and I apologize if these do not work for your school. However, even if this doesn't help you with back to school outfits, you could still use it as inspo for other day-to-day wear.

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