Well, I'm not gonna write motivational garbage. Sometimes life is really bitter. Even flavorless.

But life is, and to live it, we gotta be with it, or die on the inside, we decide. We always do.

There isn't a reason to be here today: we create that reason. We are that reason, we create ourselves.

Maybe the best thing we can do, is feel alive while we can, as much as we can, as long as we can. Cry, laugh, eat, be a mess, just be.

We fall, yes. But that's one of the most beautiful things this life has. We get up, with or without help, and walk, even if we have to learn how to. Then, we can run, and even fly.

Or maybe life is just a measurable void. Maybe not.

Whatever it is, be brave enough to embrace it. The world is waiting for you, go for it.

Have the courage to live.

(I ended up writing motivational garbage, sorry.)