1. Make sure your skin is not allergic to any foods, or drinks you eat, and drink, cause there is times when your skin can be allergic to it.

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2.For such a stunning glow mix use olive oil or any type of natural oils that is good for your skin,and put on areas like the nose tip,and bridge, chin, middle of the forhead, cheeks.

3.To make your face stand out, if you don't have natural blush on your cheeks, if you are darkskin or brownskin Put some berry tint on your cheeks, and if you are pale, lightskin or beige put some strawberry or peach, and rosy tint on your cheeks not to much, and not to little, just to bring out cuteness.

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4.To complete your beauty, use some lipgloss, or any tinted lip products.

5.Make sure your hair, is clean, and soft cause your hair is connected to your skin, and you don't wan't dirty hair. Use shae butter(Black girls), or olive oil(Any race of girls) for hair to make it soft, and smell good.

6.If you have any bumps put some witch hazel, or apple cider,If you have any red, or pink spots put lavender oil on it to take it away.

This is good for females who don't wear makeup, or starting to not wear makeup tbh.