I think there are two ways someone can know you.

The 1. kind is more about telling someone who you are and what you've been through.

The 2. is about showing, or more the person seeing who you are by hanging out alot with eachother and that for a long time. You maybe dont talk about your problems with them, but when you are with them you fell good and you dont need to talk about it. At least most of the time. I also think that the people who know you like that can hurt you the most.

I think the 1. way is alot easier, because it does'nt take that much time, but it also takes alot of trust, but the second way these people really know you. They know how to close the door or how to turn on the water cap. And thats the kind of thing you really want someone to know.

These thing might be different for everyone, but thats how i see it, I just needed to write it down and get it out, because i have experience both things latley.

P.s. English is my second languge, im sorry if some things are not correct.