If you are a teenager like me, you will some way or another relate to what I am going to write about. Did it eve happened to you that one of your friends asked you if you have a cruhs on someone at the moment? And you just said "Not really" cause you weren't sure about your own feelings. Deep down somewhere in your soul you do love or you do like that guy/girl but you know that you will never be with him/her. That's when you have to choose to listen to your heart or your brain and sometimes it seems too difficult to choose. I say that you should listen to both. Your feelings won't betray you but neither will your consciousness (hopefully) . Now, if that person whom you have or you think you have feelings for si your friend you should keep it a secret and not tell untill you are 1000000% sure of the consequences, since you could lose a really close friend or they could use you and your feelings and I think that's the worst thing a human being can do.
Even though, in my opinion, comunication is the best way for everything, sometimes it's just better to keep your mouth shut...for a while at least. I've been trough all of the above that I mentioned and still going through some and what I learned is that I am still young. I will meet new people and so my crush over that one guy it's still there but I'm not gonna wait for something that will never happen and so I am open to anyone to come into my life...one of those persons will change everything. And I hope you do the same! If you know something has 0 chances to become real, then don't wait for it !!

xoxo :*