Hey guys! So lately I have been feeling a little like my schedule is too busy and I just really need to relieve some stress. I have been stressing over school, family, and a bunch of other stuff.

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But, not now, oh no. School will only get tougher, and it is now that I take action to stay more organized and have a productive, perfectly planned morning.

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There are many things that keep us from this. For instance, family issues. But we can always put things aside for once, and take out some time for ourselves, while also doing work. But, the right way!

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Organization is difficult, that's why I'm going to help you!

So today I decided to share some tips on how to have a productive morning. Read on!

1] Going to bed early, waking up early!

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Waking up early is very important in having a perfect morning. It's very difficult to wake up early though. That's why it all starts from the night before.

Phones and other pieces of tenchonolgy have become more and more distracting, or maybe it's just hard to sleep.

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Things to do at a time like this are:

  • Turn your phone off
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Phones are a great distraction. Be sure to turn them off at around 9PM or use them for good, as shown below.
  • Play comforting rain sounds or music
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For some people, silence isn't right. Play some soothing, sleepy music or download the rain sounds app. You can play more than just rain sounds there!
  • Make sure you're in a tidy, cool place.
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Make sure the temperature of your bedroom is suitable for the weather, and tidy up around to feel more comfortable.
  • Turn into bed at around 8PM
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If it takes you an hour to sleep, go to bed at 8PM. You will be expected to fall asleep at around 9PM.

Once you wake up, it should be around five or six in the morning!

2] Write for five minutes, and get some water!

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After waking up, you should have a small booklet, diary or journal to keep on your nightstand. Just something to wake up to every morning, and write down your goals for the day. This helps to keep your more happy and ready for the day.

Right after, rinse your face and get a glass of water.

3] Have a healthy breakfast.

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Your breakfast is a very important part of your day, because it's going get to fuel you up. A lazy cup of coffee and some cookies are a big no-no. You have to eat something filling, fresh, healthy, and preferably organic.

Go online to find easy breakfast recipes that are healthy and can help you with a good morning.

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Simple and nutritious breakfast recipes are very easy to find online. Try checking out that cook book you bought a few weeks ago. If necessary, text your friends!

There many options, and remember: always feel free to try something new!

4] Make a to-do list for the day.

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A simple to-do list or schedule can help keep your day all together. Make fun things a part of your list, and try to tick off many as possible!

Make one for the morning itself, because that's the most important part of your day.

The right schedule should include:

  • Socialization
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Spending time alone or in work is needed, but so is a meet up with a group of friends or your closest one. Even some shopping with a sibling!
  • Enough time to get your tasks done
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Although having spare time is important, you also need to have enough hours to cover up all your work such as school projects and homework. Don't stuff it all in to an hour!
  • A good meal plan.
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You can't just skip breakfast, buy fast food for lunch and nothing for dinner, a good day consists of planned meals.

Once you've got that schedule and to-do list, you're getting closer to an organized morning.

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Good job!

5] Go for a walk!

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Morning walks are very useful and help clear the mind for a very busy day. It can soothe you, and is better with nature sounds or music in your ears (nature sounds preferably).

6] Get some coffee, and start some school!

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Alrighty we've been stalling way too much! It's finally time to get to two hours or so of homework! Even if you take four hours long, don't worry, take your time. No rush!

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Take all the time you need, but don't get carried away and distracted by YouTube and social medias!

7] Try some workouts!

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It was all nice just taking your time with school, playing some music and all that. But now you need to turn on some beats and GET TO WORK!

Try some challenging workouts from online, read over the safety rules carefully and spend about a good thirty minutes or more doing this.

Remember: no pain, no gain!

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Working outdoors can help a ton by the fresh air and beautiful views.

8] Take a shower and relax.

After trying a bunch of workouts and tiring yourself, it'd be nice to take a shower, or bath if you're feeling a little fancy.

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If you feel like it, grab a book and read while bathing. It can be quite relaxing!

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Books and snacks in a forty minute bath are quite ideal and definitely a treat!

9] Read a book, check social medias and see what your friends are up to!

Now it's time to lay back and check your phone!

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Finally get to check WHI, eh? ;)

Reading books and texting friends. Ah, perfect.

10] Get a nap. It was a nice morning.

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Well, this was a good day, the afternoon will hold more! Which is why it's time to get a little rest.

Thank you for reading, I really enjoyed sharing my ideas. I hope this helps, and please don't be too lazy to make it happen!

A productive life awaits!

Until then,