Teen Wolf
What can I say about Teen Wolf?
It has disappointed me? Yes
It made me happy? Yes, so much
I do not know how to feel about its end, it really gives me a huge sadness and at the same time a happiness, since they have not decided to extend it without a good purpose like happens with many series.
The only thing I want is a happy ending, although I know we will not get it (let's face it, Jeff is not like that) so I change my definition of "happy" by acceptable expected that there are not too many important deaths.
Over the years I've been in this beautiful fandom, I've endured, held (cofstydiacof), hated characters and loved others, especially Scott and Stiles.
I hope I never forget Teen Wolf, it was one of the first series I started and with which I love, I do not know if it's because of its characters, its history or even the actors who have made me love the series even more.

Postscript: I really do not speak English in a normal way. Excuse me if there are too many spelling mistakes, I occupy my brain power to do this: D

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