Here I am again, one more night. Listening to Lana Del Rey's music, the only music that manage to express how I feel at this time. Thinking again about you, about freedom. Freedom. What a wonderfull feeling, a feeling that you represent so well. Sometimes It's looks like you could fly and I could fly with you. Because we have learnt to fly in our own ways to reach our dreams. Sometimes the stories of our lifes seem to be so similar, or this is what I think when I feel you more far away that It should be. The only comfort that can help me when I miss you. But It's not all sad this night. I can see my freedom so close, more than ever. I can see how I start the ride that I have been wishing for a long time. And, I can see how I get closer to you, I can see me in your arms. Because, with you, with you I think that this time I will win. Finally.


When I saw that we heart it have articles now I could not resist writting something. I hope you like it! English is not my first language and I tryed my best, but please forgive me if there are some mistakes.