Hey! So everyone is writing these articles now and i want to try it. It sounds fun. so why not.
I guess now is the time to introduce myself.

I'm fourteen years old.
I'm in eighth grade.
I live in finland.
I was born in Sweden but we moved to finland in 2011 becouse my mom got a job here.
My mom is finnish but my dad is swedish.
I have a brother. He's eighteen.
I am christian.
I like watching netflix
I love fashion.
But i love music even more ♥
I love dancing. It's a big part of me. It lets me express my feelings.

I'm not sure what i'm going to write about in the future. i'm probably going to write about my current dreams and thoughts.
To be fourteen i have kinda weird and wild dreams but this is the time to dream. it's now or never. Am i right?.