Sooooooo, today is day two. I'm gonna give you an update on me. If you care read it lol. If you don't, skip to the next paragraph and save yourself sometime. Sooo, I've called my parents at least 10 times today. Just checking in and asking for help on how to set up my Office 365 (which is complicated af by the way). Also, I got my culinary outfit, shoes, and knife kit today. THAT KNIFE KIT IT FREAKING GLORIOUS!! The knifes are so sharp, and just beautiful. Hmmm, what else can I tell you? I've realized that I'm such a loner. They've had so many activities and I opted out lol. Plus my roommates are going up to main campus and I'd rather just stay here (tbh). But thats enough about meeee, lets get to the advice and tips.

I personally feel as if since I'm a new freshman in college, I can give good advice & tips. So lets hear them:

- Lock your door! Lock your door! LOCK. YOUR, DOOR. !!!!!! So no one can come in and ask to borrow stuff when you're half asleep (which happened to me last night).
- Don't offer to let anyone borrow anything you have. Once you let them borrow it, they'll think that its okay to borrow ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. They'll probably eventually stop asking you, and just start taking it.
- Label all of your food or stick in a drawer and name that drawer yours. There are some foods I'm willing to share but there are a lot that I'm not willing to share. In my room I have a bin full of my snacks. They're in my room because they're the snacks I don't really wanna share at all lol. Also I have food that needs to be refrigerated, I stuck in its own spot in the fridge and I specifically said those are the foods I'm not willing to share. The rest of the food I am willing to share I put with all the other food.

- So many of you may know this or you may not but candles, incense, and other items like that are not prohibited in dorm rooms. So i recommend if you want something to smell good in your room get an aromatherapy diffuser. They have so many oils you can put inside of them. I have peppermint and eucalyptus. They're both scents that are supposed to help you.
- Lastly, GET YOUR OWN COFFEE MAKER, MUGS, AND KEURIG CUPS. You can a one cup coffee make from JCPenny's. Mine cost about $20 and thats it. I also have my own mugs and other cups. It just makes it a lot easier for you and you won't to share. So also keep it in your room, so you won't have to worry about any misunderstandings regarding your stuff.

I'm going to post pictures of my dorm so you can see what I mean from this post, and the previous post from Dorm Move In Day #1.