Hi guys! i`m here again to talk about something i love:fashion. more specifically street style!
And for my first article about fashion here on WHI i will share with you guys my favorite denim`s street style that i saw here!
I think this will be very cool, cause all you hearts always help me when i want to create a new outfit. And everybody knows that you guys love fashion so much and have so much style, for me as a fashion student this is amazing!

let`s go:

denim, gorgeous, and street style image
leather jacket, grey crop top and plastic boots. i love this look because it`s simple but looks very extra with the bag and her glasses.
fashion, outfit, and style image
Sweater looks amazing with hot pants, pantyhose are always a good idea with those kind of shorts. p.s. can i have your bag please
fashion, style, and outfit image
colorful denim! yes! this look is incredible. if you want a extra look with simple pieces use this one for your inspiration! the skirt is amazing and looks totally 90`s and the white shirt is a super basic item that will all need.
fashion, outfit, and style image
you can totally look romantic with denim. just combine it with another piece whit a lighter and textured fabric like this one or lace.

What you guys think about this article? i loved!

all the love, K.
bye, bye