I was waiting so long for something like this to happen. I was searching for a cool website where I can write blogs and stuff about my life for a long long time and finally, my wish came true and I'm really happy 'cause it's we heart it the place that makes me sooo inspired. Anyways I wanted to write blogs about my everyday life. I never liked the idea of writing a diary because I feel like it's kinda embarrassing and no one is gonna read it, maybe I will later in the future but I think that's not the fair point of writing a diary. I want to write something about my life not to just let the words out of me but also to get some kind of response from other people. I want to hear opinion of other people about certain situations that's happening in some period of my life. So this is me, this is gonna be my open diary so if anyone wants to read it you're welcome. I lost a lot of friends lately and I'm really looking forward to all back to school stuff 'cause I'll finally be able to make some friends again.