Lucas Coly is a famous French-American rapper, who started out on vine with over 450,000 followers. Besides just posting on vine, he's posted video's on youtube, where progressively he's gained a fan base. Lucas was born in France, but he was raised in Michigan. From childhood Lucas took an interest in rapping and making music.It seems like his dreams are coming true. He;s working as an recording artist and used to be in a group called "The Diamonds" working with a friend and another artist Dillyn Troy and Willie Fryson the 3rd also known as WillGotTheJuice , but sadly after the group fell apart they drifted apart. Some of his songs are I Just Wanna, My Lil Shawty, Ride For You and Everytime I Roll Up. His most famous video on Youtube is I Just Wanna which has reached over 4.7 million views. He was born July 8, 1997. He has a younger brother, young than him by 10 years. He currently lives in Las Vegas.

Lucas is currently in a relationship with a youtube star Amber H. They met via Instagram. The way they met kinda sounds like a gold-digging way if you listen to it. Before he blew up she began following him but a little later she unfollowed him. Going through her explore page she seen his profile again and noticed his gain in popularity and sent him a dm and not much longer he replied. They soon began to attached to each other. They eventually seen eachother in public, talked, started dating and now they live together.