hi to all. my name is federica and i'm 23. i was born in the second city of sicily, in south italy, on a hot day of mid-june. my hair is brown and my skin is pale, in summer too. my personality is really complicated, like the both rainy and sunny sky of the day i was born on. i always liked, in my life, many things, confusingly... i love things that are going to begin, i love things that are going to end. i often need to stay alone in my room, listening to music and daydreaming. i believe in magic and stars. i'm incredibly rational and meditative. i study literature but in an other life i'd like to be a physicist scientist. beauty is all i need to survive.
my bigger desires are: to become a poet, to travel all around the world, to learn the largest number of things, to remain by the side of the person i'm in love with.

i'll publish here some poems and i'll try to share my deepest thoughts with you. my fate is going to change: soon i'll leave my city and my family to go on my own way. in a new city, to realize my dreams. so this will be my diary. this will be the first step of a new life. it will be the first time i write something that someone else will read. i will not be afraid to be myself. i promise.

i hope you like this first article. and sorry for my english. but it's 1 a.m. here and i'm very tired.

thank you for the attention
federica <3