Words are powerful. They can make an impact on anyone and everyone. How you speak these words is what really makes a difference.

Take our bad days, for example, when all we wanna do is sit alone and not talk to anyone. The feelings range from anger to impatience to sadness and to loneliness. The list could go on and on. We can all agree that these days are the absolute worst.

But even in these dark times, there is a light that helps us feel like ourselves again. This light is based around positivity and encouraging words, which come in many forms. Words can be spoken directly from the mouth, from song lyrics, from poems, or from ramblings in a journal or diary. The possibilities are endless.

When we're feeling alone or angry, a single song lyric or line from a poem can cheer us up. Maybe a friend or a significant other says something encouraging or meaningful that makes you feel loved and appreciated. It may not be an extravagant, but it is special.

Words are what keep us going; they are everywhere. Keep your ears open and never be afraid to use your words to encourage and support someone else. You never know when someone will be in need of your positive words.

Here are some daily inspirations that keep me going:

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