I remember running with you through the forest. I remember all the leaves that were brushing against our feet. The sound they made was soothing to both of us. However, the sound of your giggle was much better than all of nature combined.

'Come on, Hal, don't be afraid.' She grabbed my hand pulling me towards her whilst smiling and giggling uncontrollably.

'What is it?' I asked. 'Where are you taking me?' I enquired whilst still walking and holding her hand.

'I'll show you, we just need to walk a bit more.' She said.

The forest was all misty and it started raining after two more minutes of walking but it was a light rain which didn't bother either of us. As we reached a bigger tree than the others, she just stopped there and stood in front of it turning towards me and smiling, looking nowhere really, just around but out of focus.

'Well, what is it?' I asked, looking around but seeing nothing out of the ordinary.

She just smiled and looked up, above me, pointing with her eyes and then I could see it.

'I thought a long time has passed since you thought about me and so what better way to remind you than to show you?' She said, as I stood there staring at her lifeless body hanging from the tree.

Then I woke up.