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I know, school….ugh. Yes school is horrible but believe it or not I actually enjoy school. Yeah I’m probably the only one. Its mainly because I enjoy learning ravenclaw here, how’s it going? stationery, organisation and all that. A side from that, I’m going to give you guys some tips on how to make this school year your best one yet! I'm also going to be following these tips throughout the new school year.

1. Be prepared!

Buy ALL your school supplies and new clothes/makeup, if your school allows makeup and if you don’t have to wear a uniform. Make sure your bag is packed and your outfit is already planned, not only on the first day of school but _ every single day_. I know it sounds like a lot but trust me when you put in an effort it pays off.

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2. Set some goals!

Setting goals isn’t hard but actually achieving them is kind of hard. Know what you want to achieve and go based on your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t set goals you’re not sure you’re capable of achieving because it’s going to make you feel sad or mad at yourself when you don’t achieve it. Also, don’t strive for perfection! If you don’t achieve what’s your definition of perfection how would you feel? Exactly, like a failure…we don’t want that!
Here are a couple tips on how to achieve your goals:

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3. Organisation is KEY!

Being organised means you hand in your assignments on time and you’re ready for your tests! You don’t want to be that student that’s always looking like a total mess and their grades are looking the same way do you?

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4. Sign up for extracurricular activities!

It’s a good chance to make friends and develop hobbies. Also, it shows you were really into you’re school life if you do when you sign up for universities. It takes up a bit of extra time but if you’re doing something you love then that won’t be a problem. Time management plays a big role here if you decide to sign up for some. However, it doesn’t have to be like 4 different activities, it can be just one.

5. Make some memories with your friends.

Take a lot of pictures and keep them in a folder on your computer or phone or have then developed and put them in a picture album. It doesn’t have to be just at school, you can go to the beach or mall and take pictures as long as you’re with good company and you’re all enjoying yourselves!

6. Keep those grades up!

Have all the fun you want but make sure to set aside time to study and do homework. Make a study schedule for each day of the week. How much time you set a side depends on the subjects you do. I study each subject twice a week for 1.5-2 hours per subject. That seems like a lot of time but I’m a science nerd student so it’s necessary for me. Sometimes I study for more time than that if a particular subject is stressing me out.
Here are some tips that I use and work for me:

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That’s about it for now. Remember your crown and stay positive!
~Aaliyah 💖