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Down down down. Through the vertical stairs carved in stone on the cliff's edge, overlooking the blue sea. Down to the dark cave underneath the hill.
The Master is a scholar, he says it's a karst cave, but I don't know what it means. Anyway, Madam says that the water dripping from the rocks is pure and strong, and good for her weak bones.
And so, once a week I count 657 steps down and then 657 steps up with a little bottle of water.
At first, I was afraid to fall and drown in the sea, dizziness burdening my feet, but then I learned to fear the scorching sun, instead, and the blinding rain, they both have their own way to take the breath away from my chest.
At first, I was also afraid of the cave itself, those secret dark depths and stone pillars, rising from the lakes and hanging from the ceiling, like a sea gods cathedral.
And at first, I also feared the creatures that live there: monsters! I thought the very first time I saw them, monsters from the hollow heart of the cliff. Pale blue skin, straight pupils, just like cats, and blue and shiny fish tales.
They idly swim in those greenish lakes and watch me as I fill the bottle with the stone water. Their giggles merging with the tickling sound of drops, falling like little tears from the ceiling.
They come closer to touch my ankles sometimes and pull my rag skirt a little, then they nimbly throw themselves in the waves, laughing and breathing underwater.
But now, their sharp smiles don't scare me anymore. They can speak and they can understand. And it's more and more difficult for me to look away from their hypnotizing gaze and climb back home. They keep on singing me to stay, stay forever, and live there in the cave with them and through the waves.
If I would only come a little closer, they say they would teach to breathe underwater...

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- Jessica Hart - Soul Phazed
- Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Fantasy
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please do not accept breathing underwater lessons from fascinating fish-tailed creatures! :D
and, as always, thank you for reading!
Juliet ~♥