do you hear her crying at two a.m.?

do you hear her screaming your name, begging for you to come back?

do you see her in the corner of her room, wearing the necklace you gave her?

do you see her at lunch, starving herself because of you?

do you see the tears in her eyes, the moment she hears your voice?

do you feel the pain she feels, the moment she sees you kissing somebody else?

do you see her trying?
do you hear her crying?

do you hear her begging for you to love her again?

do you feel the pain she feels, the moment you tell her you never loved her?

do you hear her whisper your name at three a.m.?

do you hear the sound of the bullet?

do you see her on the floor in a puddle of her own blood, with a picture of you in her hands?

'cause it's all because of you.
look what you've fucking done to her.