Over the last years, bullet journals have gotten more and more attention and I personally LOVE keeping a bullet journal where I can write down all my assignments, exam dates, etc. and can design the pages like I want. So if you want to set up a bullet journal as well or just want to see how a bullet journal could be set up, this article is for you! :)

Getting a notebook

Getting yourself a notebook is, well, a really important step for building a bullet journal because, y'know, you need something to write in. Here are a few of my favorites:

Index pages

Use the first few pages in your notebook for index pages that will later on make it easier for you to find what you‘ve written.

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Year overview

As all pages I will recommend to you in this article, this page, or if you choose to stretch it to multiple pages, are optional and you can choose if you want to include them in your bullet journal or not. The year overview is helpful if you want to mark your breaks or special events.

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Monthly overviews

Monthly overviews are really useful to keep track of upcoming events, exams, deadlines, etc. I always use two pages for one month, one page where I write down all days of the month in a column and then can write important events next to them and the other page is where I note down appointments and not so important events, but there are plenty of other options how you could design your monthly overviews.

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Weekly overviews

Weekly overviews are the heart of your bullet journal. You can express yourself however you want, although there are a few structures you might want to use. In your weekly overviews, you note down all your appointments, events, important notes (for example: "take german history book" with you), etc.

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Daily overviews

I sometimes include an extra page for a daily overview in my bullet journal if it is a day with many things to do, but of course this is optional and you don‘t have to do a daily overview for every day.

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A good key that is useful and well-defined is crucial for a good bullet journal. You can make up your own, you could look for one online or use one of the following examples:

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Extra pages

Of course you might want to include some other pages as well, I preferably do extra pages for to-do lists for exams, assignments or essays and class schedules. There are a lot of different things you can include in your bullet journal, I collected 30 ideas in another article:

So yeah, I hope you'll have much fun setting up and keeping your bullet journal and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me to stay more organized! You can always send me postcards of inspirational images of your bullet journal and I will make sure to include them in my bullet journal collection! :)

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