Well hello,

You might think you know a bit about me through my canvas on WHI, I guess you kinda do because the things I like and share are actually what I feel and think. But I'll give some more information in order for people to have this exact thought: "Why she writing this shit about herself, no one really cares". Yes, I am aware of the fact that maybe nobody gives a shit about what's going on in my life, but there is also that small chance that there is someone who is dealing with some serious messed up life shit who can relate to what I write and share and that it might actually help that person. So if you're reading this and you can somehow relate to depression issues, in the closet feelings, self harm or add/adhd issues, keep reading and who knows, maybe you'll find some peace or get that little spark of hope back in your heart.

So, about me. I'm 17 years old and live in the Netherlands. I go to school and shit. Okay that's just boring. So about a year/a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with depression. I went to therapy and all that but I didn't get happier, life wasn't good and I still felt completely lost. One night I thought it would be a good idea to bring myself to a happier and better place by pushing a lot of pills down my throat. Well it didn't work, obviously, but maybe it did. Oh and by the way, I am NOT promoting suicide, for real it is NOT COOL OR CLEVER OR ANY SORT OF POSITIVE THING! But it woke me up, it let me see that there is much more to life than just hating yourself, hating others and hating the world. There is so much love and people who care about you, even though you might not see it.
Okay, you're in a better place now, but why is 97% of your WHI canvas about depression and self hate? Well that's because the sadness never leaves. Sure, things get better, but I still have my bad moments, and yes I am still addicted to the depression. I believe in: "the sadness never leaves". That's just this world, I mean have you read the papers? Or have you ever been in high school?

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But I even more believe in love, love is always there where you least expect it and it's everywhere and it's big and it's...
God I could talk about love forever, but I'll do that another time. If you do deal with depression, you shouldn't be afraid to reach out. Make a little chat with your friend, your sibling, your parent or favourite teacher; tell someone you're not happy. You don't need to jump in both feet, you can take little steps. But try to reach out, because you are not alone in this world and you definitely don't need to deal with your problems alone. You can also message me if you want to talk about anything, even if it's about how good smoares are, I'm here.

Well that was a iny tiny bit about my life. I will definitely upload more articles where I'll talk more about depression, self harm and stuff like that, but also a lot about love and lgbtq stuff.