i really love fashion and my fav part is give advices and make outfits.
now i will just give advices so credit for owner's photos.

long jumpsuits

for elegant moments i love jumpsuits.
you have to care about neckline (depend how elegant the event is) and also the long of your jumpsuit.

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short jumpsuits

short jumpsuits can be elegant too, you just have to combine good.
if your jumpsuit is white (or light color) is elegant naturally so just use nude high heels and a cute hairstyle.

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dramatic dress

this kind of dresses are my fav. lot of people think that is vulgar use these dress on elegant events but if you use right accesories and have a good personality, you dont have to worry about nothing.

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long dress

these dresses are the best option for many girls when they have elegant events and they are not wrong. but don't forget you hairstyle!

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off-the-shoulder jumpsuit

off the shoulder clothes are on trend and jumpsuits couldn't left behind.
depending the event is the print you can use, but you cant forget them.

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thanks for read it. i will wait your postcard!