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If you’ve seen my Inspiration collection you can tell that the type of things that inspire me don’t fall on any side of normal.

Call me superficial but I really like pretty things. If it's colorful, shiny, flowery or whatever I'll most likely be drawn to it. When these things are placed on people then they transform into art, and that is what make up is to me. Make up is art with the face as its canvas.

You can fill a gallery with beautiful art or you can create a whole gallery on a person

The people who chose to turn their bodies into art whether it be through make up, tattoos, piercings etc should be celebrated. The seemingly "abnormal" way they express themselves is inspiring because its unapologetically brave. It's like they expand the definition of beauty to include everything from the flowers on the ground to the stars in the sky.

Makeup is just a new avenue to explore your creativity so pick up your eyeshadow pallet and your make up brushes and start creating more pretty things. I wish you luck!