''I'll be right back'' - I told them. It hasn't been too long since I left, right? A year and a half isn't too long. My parents can't have aged for that time. My little sister won't be all grown up when I'm back. A year and a half isn't enough for my best friend to find new friends and replace me, right? Right? Hold on, I need a tissue.

Ok, I'm back. I'm fine, I promise! :)

Mom, I'm doing so good! I eat so much veggies and I exercise! I wash my face before bed without anyone reminding me. I'm happier than ever. My new husband is so loving and takes such good care of me. I can't thank you enough for letting me fly across the world to be with him. I haven't tried yoga yet, but I will because I know how much you want me to. Mom, I hope you don't cry too much. I hope you take good care of your skin. I found so many good skincare brands that you'd love and I can't wait to send you some. It's not that I'm afraid to see you've aged when I come home one day, I promise. Yes, I promise!! You're the most beautiful woman in the world! I'm doing so good, mom. I love you so much.

Hey, sis! How's it going? Found any good new shows to watch? Yes, I saw your new pic with your boyfriend. I hope he treats you well. Tell him to treat you well or else!!! XD
No, it's ok, you can keep that top and those jeans. I have plenty new clothes. Yes, you can use my flat iron too. Yes, anddd my old makeup. Remember how I used to go crazy when you touched my stuff? That one eyeliner I swore I'd kill you if I ever caught you borrowing again. You can keep it. I even got you one that works better. I just can't afford to send you guys a package yet. Btw what should I get for dad? I saw a T-shirt with that band you like. I'll get you that too whenever I can. I have to go now. I miss you, sis. Take care.

Dad, I know we haven't been the closest sinse I hit puberty. I know we disagree on a lot of things. I know I probably disappointed you when I dropped out of college to run off to the other side of the world and elope with a guy you never got to meet and never got to give ''the talk'' to. I know I don't call you or talk to you as much as I do with mom. But I love you and I miss you. I miss your humor and your lazy sandwiches. I miss your barbecue. The food here is pretty boring. I miss mom's cooking too but don't tell her that :D We'll come visit soon, dad. I don't know when but we will. I love you.

Dear Best friend,
How's it going, brothaa! (she's a girl but we call each other 'bother') How are you?? I'm great. No, nothing new around me really. No, sorry I can't video chat rn. It's because I'm already in tears because I miss you.( But I'll never tell you that) I'm kinda busy is what I'll say instead. Yeah, I saw your pic on fb. Loooove that outfit girl! Wha.. :D what do you mean I disappeared? I just posted a pic like 10 months ago last November haha! I know it's summer but I'm too lazy to post (I don't really go anywhere). Yes, I know I live in a beach town ( i live pretty far away from the actual beach) . I just don't care as much to post pics (I want to post but I'm afraid I'll get tons of messages asking me when I'm coming home and I can't legally travel yet so I can't answer them).
You looked so pretty in your prom dress. I really wish I was there to see you. I can't help crying every time I think about it. I probably won't tell you that either. I hope your new friends are nice. I hope they're not more fun than I was. I know I seem different but I promise I'm not. I promise when I'm back we'll do our makeup and go out, eat junk food and gossip and laugh like before. I might look different but I promise I'm still me. And I hope you're still you.
I have to go now, brotha. TTYL. I miss yo face! :*

''I'll be back'' - I tell them every time. I close the message app and wipe the tears off my face. I pick myself up and find something to distract myself with. I tell myself I'm doing pretty good and it hasn't been too long. A year and a half isn't too long. My mom is as beautiful as ever. My little sister will always be my little sister. And my best friend would never forget me. I said I'll be back. Even if it takes me another year and a half. Even if everything is different. Even if I'm different. I Will be back.