If you happen to pass by the open lake that spills into the Pacific ocean around midnight, where the moonlight shines and shows you the path along the stars, you will notice, far behind the left corner of the lake's perky curves, behind the many rocks with the red little carbs running along playing hide and seek, you will most definitely notice, a glimpse of the celestial creature with his own bright glow and a pair of ghostly wings, bending by the shallows. And if binoculars happen to be resting along your chest, then ever so discreetly you will watch and then again notice the face of a ravishing woman, with her full pink lips, and those big dark eyes, with her perky outlined bare chest resting upon a rock, half underwater. And further below if you'll see, a fish you'd think tames the ocean waves. But, don't be fooled. You should look closer, for you'll see the stretched golden green tail swaying along the rhythm of the sea, along the rhythm of the waves.
You see, if you happen to pass every night by this lake, you will see this exact scenery, just with less or more moonlight outshining this exquisite and what-I-am-guessing-secretive-because-why-else-would-you-do-it-in-the-middle-of-the-night-with-only-the-moon-as-a-witness-and-perhaps-some-perv-with-binoculars? rendezvous.

I am not even sure people will read this, so if you do :
Hello Earthlings!
and thank you for reading.

You guys, I thought it would be great to maybe write a little story about an angel and a mermaid ¿¿¿falling in love???
I've been having this idea for a while now.
I saw this picture up in here (*see picture below) and it just gave me this idea.
I haven't really gotten around to actually writing down the whole story, just the prompt, so since WHI here (*sighs frustratingly but deep down doesn't mean it) hasn't stopped BUGGING ME about the new update, I figured it was as good time as any to just write the story!

Image by Cute Ghost

As I was saying, I am just using my prompt to write this story so it will take me some time to finish this.
If you did like this and would like to see where this would go then I'll be sure to post more somewhere along next week.

At the end of the story, i would publish the whole thing as one, and perhaps show you a picture of my prompt. So you'll get how I started! 😉

-Just an ol', exhausted star hunter!