So, it appears this site now grants you the function to write articles????

I am mildly amazed but also a little apprehensive.

Nevertheless, I might as well post here a story that I never published on Wattpad. I guess if you want me to publish my story here give this a heart? The story would be my spin on the cliche "bad boy" stories that are so prevalent on Wattpad, but somewhat original? Quite frankly, I have no clue what is going on but I have the first chapter or so written already so that would be nice to publish here.

-Lil' excerpt -

As I approached my dingy, bland, and sadly beige locker, I was slammed into a wall. This caused me to have a hunched, and nearly sprawled body basically atop of my very unprepared frame. Oh, and did I mention that this caused a cliche bag drop? I turned to my assailant and potential victim.

“Excuse me, but dare I ask, why the hell did you slam me into a wall?” I exclaimed. Sure, it was harsh but I was not having the best of day, I missed out on my daily cup of coffee. As I stated my rude but necessary statement a curly lock of black hair struck my face.

“Excused” The black hair wielding perpetrator smirked at me, he leaned back and allowed me to pick up my bag and glare at him.

“Well, I am assuming you have an excuse for slamming unsuspecting victims into a wall or is this a daily experience for you?” I shuffled back into the wall to further separate from the cocky kid and glare at him with my eyes in narrowed slits.

“Hmmm… No, this is not a normal occurrence. Slamming damsels in distress is not really my thing but I can always compensate. Also, my excuse is I tripped.” he then promptly shot me a wolfish smile that did not hide his pearly whites.

I arched my brow, opened my narrowed eyes, and examined the kid that hit me before I unloaded my wrath upon him. He was wearing beat-up, mud crusted converse that nearly rivaled my own combat boots that I was wearing. He wore the usual holey jeans that every teenager is somewhat familiar with, on top of that he was wearing a sleazy wife-beater and a leather jacket. I arched my brow even higher at the wannabe badass.

“I was never aware I was a damsel in distress, but now that you have dodged my question with a sad excuse, I shall be taking leave.” I saluted the cocky kid and began to stroll off. He wasn’t worth going 'Hulk' on.

“Wait! I never caught your name…” He exclaimed and I rolled my eyes, little to his notice, and continued to stalk off.

“That is because I didn’t toss it sport. Maybe you should have found another damsel to push around.” I stated in a condescending tone as I stalked away.