Jungkook Imagine:
Seating in a restaurant, drawing people who sat in tables. Everyone, eating with friends and family as music blasted through your earphones. It was nice and calming as you finished your sketch, then it happens. He catches your eye, something was different about him. Something sweet, yet manly, the perfect image to finish up your night. You start facing your seat towards his table and make a sketch.

You smile as his face is slowly coming to life, as the sweet voice of Somewhere Over The Rainbow fill your ears. You feel a stare on you and look up to see him staring at you. He looked at you shy as you blushed. He had caught you looking at him but he didn't know why. The guys at his table notice and look in your direction, and start teasing him. You looked down and started making the final touches to the sketch. You heard laughing, making you look up again. He smiled when you looked back at him.

He decided to mess around and make faces at you, which made you giggle silently. You sadly finished the sketch and got up, walking out of the restaurant. You looked back to see him getting up as if going after you. You smiled as you left out the door. He walked out but you were long gone, he sighed walking back in the place and sat down in the chair. His friends felt bad trying to cheer him up, seeing as he found you a bit fascinating. He looked at the table you were at, when he noticed something under a cup. He got up, walking over to the table. He picked up a paper with his face on it.

bts, jungkook, and fanart image

Written at the bottom, was your name, with you writing a note.
"the best part is falling."
He smiles walking back, looking at it as his friends eat and enjoy themselves. "Y/N.... Unique."

Sneak peek
Jimin was going through the gift shop, looking for something to take with him, he heard someone humming next to him looking at art supplies. He saw her hands covered in paint, making wonder what this girl was up to. She turned to look at him and smiled shyly. "Oh, Sorry!", he said blushing embarrassed to be caught staring. "It's ok. I'm Y/N." "Jimin, have i seen you before somewhere?" "I don't think so...", she said with a small smile. Then it hit him, the girl in the restaurant, who was drawing Jungkook. Jungkook was sad she had gotten away, and here she was. Hands covered in paint, smiling sweetly at him. He had unintentionally found the girl that got away. "It's you!"