Woah, just thinking about it seems weird. I actually had to go and find my very first heart on this platform to figure out when did i came here ! It was 2738 and counting pages ago!

This was my FIRST picture that i EVER hearted on this beautiful platform!

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i couldn't wait for Christmas!

I started my we heart it experience almost 6 years ago - it seems that time is standing, i can not believe it has passed that much! It definitively does not feel like i came here that long ago.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
someone annoyed me apparantly

I never really had any goal here. No i did not come here for followers, to become popular, to promote myself... i came here to put a little pink heart on pictures that i enjoyed!

pink image
i actually found and bought pair similar to this!

At first it was me and my innocent likings. Then it was me and more people, and more, and more of them. People who shared my taste in things started following me, and i became a much more active member of this platform, gaining followers.

I am not going to lie, seeing 100+ notifications does make my heart feel warm and fuzzy, but the goal was never that... it was to find, like and get inspired, and it still is to this day, by pictures i find

Image by ♛Milica♔
This actually pictures i took lol

I can not define the moment i got hooked on this platform so much. I do start my day here and end it.

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