From what should I start.... Well, all my short life I had some problems with my weight. Nobody called me "fat" (hopefully) but I always felt myself like I was a defect and sometimes I didn't want to live. That made me inconfident, isolated from people. I became an agoraphob. My free time I spent only at home. I hardly could eat with friends because I was ashamed of myself and I ate less. When I went shopping, I saw beautiful blooses and couldn't find my size. It was so disappointed. I envied skinny people and I wished to be one of them. It was my dream. And I started making it come true. I had many exhausted diets but I it could help me and I gave up. I was depressed. I was thinking that it's unfairly. If I lose my weight, my problems will go away (that was my thoughts). I was breaked, it was too hard. But then, when I was in the deepest darkness of my mind something happened. I, suddenly, met k-pop. For me it was like a door which I was looking for so long. Groups like EXO and BTS saved me. I don't know how but they really could pull me out of the pit. I got an inspiration from them. They showed me that all what I did wasn't enough and I need to try harder if I really want dreams come true. I was waited who would open my eyes on reality. And I'm happy that it was k-pop groups. Since that time I regulary wake up at 5:30 and go jogging, eat more healthy food (but without sweets I still can't live) and I even sign up for theatre group. Now my life is active and I meet nice people. When I have no energy to do something, I just listen k-pop and that makes me happy. I hope to lose weight soon because I won't give up again never.
Thanks for reading my thoughts (I cried when writed it, I was sincere)
And sorry for my mistakes

With love, O l l i