The most thing that everybody's excited about the first day of school is seeing their old friends after a long vacation, but what if you go to a new school, knowing no one there or even how the place looks like? I got some tips that I would like to share with you all if anyone of you is going to a new school.

These tips may not apply to everyone because everyone is different.

First Impressions matter!

  • Dress neat, so you won't look like a lazy student and people can take you seriously... But don't overdress!
  • Bring all necessary stationery, because people don't like it when you keep asking them for a pen or pencil.
  • Try to socialize, so people will talk to you more and make friends with you too. Because if you don't, people will just stay away from you, and being alone all the time doesn't really help your self-esteem!
  • While you're doing all of these, just make sure to be yourself and be happy because you're only here for your education :)

Choose your friends wisely!

Choosing the right friends helps you go through your school year peacefully because you won't be having any friendship drama.
Here are some tips on choosing the right friends, and remember, having 1 good friend is better than having 10 fake friends :) (I learnt that from my own experience).

  • Make you both have a lot in common (fandoms, interests in food, etc.) because having someone to fangirl with is so fun.
  • Find someone who inspires you to do better, not who influences you to do worse.
  • Most importantly, find someone who makes you happy. :D

After all, school is going to be temporary and it will end fast, so make the most of your memories there, so you can remember happy memories from school. :D

if you want more advice or have some questions or just wants to be friends with me in general, feel free to message me ☺

This is my first article to publish so I hope this doesn't flop lol