10) Cinema Paradiso, Dir. Guiseppe Tornatore

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A young boy discovers his love of film while growing up in a conservative Italian town, and falls in love along the way.

9) Pretty in Pink, Dir. Howard Deutch

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In a school where money matters, Andy, a headstrong girl from the wrong side of the tracks and Blaine, a rich but kind boy fall in love. When their friends disapprove, their love becomes tested.

8) Beauty and the Beast (1991), Dir. Kirk Wise

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A Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast is a beautifully animated telling of the age old saying, "It's what's on the inside that counts."

7) Casablanca, Dir. Michael Curtiz

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The flashbacks and famed ending are the heart of this movie. With gorgeous lighting and cinematography, Curtiz tells the tale of Ilsa and Rick Blaine during a time of turmoil. Blaine has to help Ilsa's rebel husband out of Morocco and safe from the Germans.

6) Rocky

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Though the romance may be considered the B Story for this film, Rocky shows the struggles of a washed up boxer fighting for a final chance in the spotlight, while also finding love along the way. Rocky and Adrian are the classic film couple with a Philly twist.

5) Titanic, Dir. James Cameron

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Rose and Jack fall in love on the doomed passenger liner, the RMS Titanic. The first half of the movie is the beautiful beginning of their love story, and the second half hits you with the sadness you'd expect from a movie about lovers on the Titanic.

4) Breakfast at TIffany's, Dir. Blake Edwards

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A young New York woman meets a male prostitute whose dream is to become a writer. The two spend more time together, eventually falling in love, until Holly's past returns to haunt her, threatening her future with Paul.

3) The Princess Bride, Dir. Rob Reiner

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A hero and his true love must face the obstacles and horrors of a made up world, hoping to be reunited with each other.

2) 500 Days of Summer

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Tom and Summer are complete opposites, but find each other through their shared love of The Smiths and longing to be something more than what they are. Tom is convinced that Summer is The One, but she is not so sure. In the word's of the narrator, "This is not a love story."

1) La La Land, Damien Chazelle

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Tied for the record of Oscar nominations (with Titanic) La La Land is the story of two struggling artists in LA- Sebastian is a jazz pianist longing to open his own club, and Mia is an actress waiting for her big break. Their story, told through a heart wrenching score, stunning visuals, and gorgeous cinematography, is the classic struggle of choosing love or career.