I can't remember your face.
Maybe because I don't recall it.
Did you get replaced?
Are you the same misfit?

Who are you right now?
Your words don't fit like they did.
I have mistaken it somehow.
Are you off the grid?

Picture doesn't match you anymore.
Could it be that you have changed.
No, I could have swore...
Am I starting to get deranged?

Is it possible that you have forgot?
Because you are acting like you're in bliss.
Don't be so nonchalant.
Don't let it be dismiss

Years have gone by like it's supposed to.
So why are you being unreasonable.
You said you would see this through.
We know it can be achievable.

But why do you keep staring in the mirror.
Maybe it is time to question, it is overdue.
We need to think clearer...
Who are you?