white candles, the beach at night, banana bread, disney movies, 24/7 gas stations, grass in the spring, puppies, flowers in your hair by accident, christmas lights in yo room, sand at the beach, ferris wheels, fairs, the feeling of forgiveness, the full moon of each month, astrology, cities at night, fog, screaming loud cause u can, bright houses, mountains, swimming in rivers, art, the feeling of having lungs, pine trees, stuff that smells like pine trees, clean laundry, clothes lines, kissing someone and tasting alcohol on their mouth, opening peanut butter, using the same brand shampoo and conditioner so your hair smells amazing, indie pop in the summer, sex store signs, neon light signs, spending so much time with someone your clothes smell like them, filling up a bathtub, conspiracy theories, mom jeans, aquariums, italian food, french braids, blankets, how tan you look in the shower, cherry flavored anything, ice cream, incense, puns, christmas, reindeer, christmas movies, pumpkins, halloween, apples, when it gets dark early, when it gets dark late, a first date, making someone you love laugh, throwback jamz, chicken soup for the soul, the feeling of relief, me, you, any reason at all.