''Her skin was brown, long neck, her eyes are almond shaped, she wore a flowy
blouse dress, she always smell the roses after church,
the flower's dance when she walk pass, the wind is warm, and cold at the same time, she smell of coconut, and shae butter
She was so beautiful her body is sylph, she look younger than her years
but she have gift that she bares,
she hopes, and prays for a beautiful, and brighter future.
She worries, bur yet don't, cause she knows she being protected by something great.
She loves children, oh and she loves art, she loves the days when it rains, and the smell of the earth, and the voices of children voices outside
reminds of her childhood, and innocence.
She still have her's, the purity, the child like mind set, but she still have that independent, and educated side that she have.
She knows, the truth, but not the lies.
She had always have a warm glow, and that naive attitude.
She have many friends.
She values her religion, and education, She's that elegant lady you know.''