Hello Angels :)

Today I want to focus on skin because I know that could be a tricky problem but don't worry I've been there too! So let's take a look how to take care of skin properly.

Use products that are only for YOUR skin type

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I know many people that who watch peole on YouTube and follow their routine. That's totally fine BUT at the same time they followed routine for oily skin even though they had dry skin.

I also recommend Korean skincare because it works just amazing!

A mini tip: For dry skin, it's better when you use a really good moisturizer that hydrates the skin but at the same time isn't heavy. For oily skin it's better to avoid moisturizer and use light serums instead.

Exfoliate ... but only 2 times a week!

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I've seen many people talking about the importance of exfoliation but at the same time they don't clarify the difference between two kinds of exfoliation.

If you want to use physical exfoliator (a brush, srubs, DIY exfoliators with sugar, ...) make sure to use it only 2 times a week. Your skin needs some time to rest.
Chemical exfoliators on the other hand can be used daily.


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You really want to protect your skin from the sun if you want healthy looking skin. You can get a sun kissed skin anyway :)
I know you may not see any changes now but in a few years your skin will look dry, old and even wrinkles may appear sonner than they should. There is also a higher chance of you to get skin cancer.


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You can do a DIY mask or you can buy one, the choice is yours. But again, choose those for your skin type!
Personally, I love clay mask on my T-zone and Korean sheet masks that work miracles ♥

Nose strips should NOT be painful

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Stop buying those cheap black masks that hurt so much that they make you cry. It only irritates the skin and usually nothing comes off. And be aware! These mask where designed for noses ONLY, not the whole face!
Instead, use affordable and quality black masks that don't hurt or use the 3 step strips which I personally use.

Teatree oil for acne

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You can use it as a prevention too!
If you still can't get rid of acne (after 20+) I recommend to see a dermatologist or if s/he can't help your doctor. You may have a food allergy (mostly dairy) or some other health issue.

Don't put bacteria on your face!

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Honestly, who cleans their make up brushes at least once a week? Or whipes their phone? You can't even imagine what kind of bacteria lives there! You don't really want to put dirty stuff on your face, do you?

Also, stop touching your face so often.

Remove make up everytime!

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I knooow, you hear it every single time! But just don't sleep with your make up on, you may see wrinkles around eyes or pimples on your face.

I really hope you find some of these tips helpful :)

Remember to slay everyday !

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