Hi everyone! My name is Huda and this is my first article. I wanted to introduce myself a little bit, so I decided to state 20 facts about me.

1.I'm algerian.
2.I'm 20 years old.
3.My zodiac sign is Leo.
4.I study english literature.
5.I'm very fascinated with serial killers.
6.food is my life.
7.love novels.
8.I'm very organized yet very lazy.
9.My fav actor is Jhonney depp.
10.A huge fan of lana del rey.
11.love and appreciate art.
12.love history.
13.I find greek mythology very interesting.
14.Current tv show GOT.
15.love fashion and makeup.
16.I have two sisters and one brother.
17.I speak arabic,english and french.
18.hate small talks.
19.love big cities such as NY, tokyo..etc.
20.I'm the oldest in my family.