I love the rain,
The way it gracefully falls from the leaves,
To plop soundlessly on an unforgiving ground,
Soaking up the rain until it fades away.
How many times does it rain?
Are their many who know how I feel when it rains?
The rain takes the problems of today,
Which usually fills my day with an empty sorrow,
The pain and desolute despair wash away,
With the following of the rain.
The rain will dry up,
As the sun’s rays pierce the sky.
They go into the air,
To come again another day.
Life returns to normal once more,
Continual breath with the force of change.
The rain washes away,
Sorrow, pain, and for a moment
It gives you the belief of innocence again.
So, here I am,
Underneath the pale,
Dropping leaves of an ancient willow tree.
Hoping anxiously for my rain to come.
Outside with the birds singing
The sun shining
The wind blowing
And the leaves rustling,
Time keeps going on,
As I await my rain to come.

-Candice Renae Williams-