My whole life I've wanted to travel the world to meet new people, it wasn't 'till my 15 birthday that I got the chance to travel to multiple countries in Europe and visit somo cities in the United States. My mother always told me that I should treat everyone with respect, that I shouldn't let everything I heard from the media or read on the Internet define how I treated those who weren't part of my culture, as a child I thought everyone was raised this way and would not use the stereotype western countries had against colombian people against me, a 15 year old girl (at the time).

An stereotype is a preconception about a place, it doesn't always have to be true. When you ask a foreigner what is their first thought that comes to them when you mention Colombia their answer is usually about drugs (for some wild reason some people think we are all drug dealers or do drugs, LIE) or prostitutuion (our women are usually tohught as beautiful, easy and silly). Even this stereotypes are shown in tv shows like modern family, the use Sofia Vergara to portray every single bad stereotype that the writer have of use, I mean:

  • Gloria is shown like a loud woman. People think us, latinas very are loud
  • They make her use a thick accent (I know her accent is thick, but not that much), that relates to people thinking all of us have a terrible accent
  • She´s used as a sex symbol, I don't think I have to explain this one

But colombians aren't the only ones who have this bad stereotypes, every latin american in the world suffers from this: all of our women are easy or prostitutes, none of us are smart, we all live of drug dealing and guerrillas, people even think some of use aren't "black enough to be latinas". Our countries are diverse, beautiful, and full of people who are tired of being part of these shitty stereotypes