I want to say that you should always think about the things you say and acts you make. They will be with you for the rest of your life.

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If that young girl ever knew what she is doing, she would never act so stupid in her entire life. But she did what she did.
Once popular and smart, loved by every boy girl thought that she can make fun of everyone, that she is the queen and can rule people. But baby, Karma is a bitch and you will find it out soon enough.

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As time goes by more and more people left her side. "What I did wrong?? - she asked.... Oh, Karma made a sight, You, left everyone behind...Nobody wants to love an empty girl like you.

Karma gave her just a few reasons why she doesn't deserve all good in her life she wants.

1. You once laughed at person, who seemed ugly to you. Now people laugh at you, the acne you have, the weight you have, the person you are.

2. You once made fun of someone who loved you as if you were everything, but now you sit alone and think why no boy is in love with you.

3. You once didn't dated someone just because they were not your type. now you found your type, but he doesn't care about you.

4. You once thought you were the most important, but now you are a ghost. nobody sees you.

Girl looked in the stars, which once seemed stuped to look at. She smile and prayed. Maybe not because she believed, but she felt that she should be sorry. The sins were humanly, she wanted to be better person. That is when she understood that you should never say bad things out loud. sometimes even the Thought could be enough tho.

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If you think that your life sucks, Think about making yourself a better person,