Gen Z The teens of 1998-2009 they are the people from the baby boomers and Gen x, and gen y, they are the people who saw the election the people who see debates from each country sometimes we are worried, most the time we think of it a joke
Cause that what we do. We are the people who are going to be draft or maybe worse, we are the people who make movements, we are activist we fight for human rights, we changer everyday for a better future for the younger generation, so that we don't see the same stupidity, and danger as we saw our politics do, the media promotes the uhealthy mind the blind one. Yes we know we are egotistic, technology savvies, financially dependent on their parents, and many others; but, we also have a whole lot of potential. Because they are able to connect to the internet (globally), they are virtually updated with information, we can bring down something if we make a whole group, it's insane.

They are also able to withdraw information from the internet and immediately act upon what is going on in the world. Studies say, we are aware on the events of the world (economic instability, natural disasters abroad, war etc.). Also, because we(Most) are aware of these events, we are capable of finding solutions (to work immediately) in the future, when they will be handed the world. We are the clean up Gen.