Hi there!
So apparently WHI dropped this new feature that allow us to write whatever goes on through our minds. That's cool isn't it?
I find this pretty amusing since i like to write what goes on in my head.. i guess i might use the articles for that since this is the only community that i belong to and no one knows.

I guess it makes sense if i introduce myself in my very first article, right?
My name is Nicole, but everyone usualy calls me Nica or Nikki. I'm a 18 year old portuguese girl (and for that I'm sorry about my crappy english, i try my best) who likes a little bit of everything tbh. Like really, there's a highly reduced chance for me to dislike something, unless it's something offensive/disrespectfull. If everything turns out well, this year will be my first year in college in Forensics and Criminal Sciences! Oh, and I've been on WHI for some years but I'm always deleting and creating new accounts lol.

I guess i didn't forget to say anything that I wanted, so i see ya next time xx.