Hey guys! rarewerewolf here! here's a little bit about me!

I love to draw! i mostly draw anthros and ferals, every now and then i change it up a bit.
i own twenty characters, you guys already know a few.
here's all the characters i own:
Kayden (me)
nicki (he's a guy not a girl)
leader jack
lana (leader jack's wife)
leader child (leader jack's son)
raven (no not from Teen titans, this character is my own character)
Lalokke and Mixnna (they're twin sisters)
and tala
some characters i draw least often than others
my friends fonger, taye, joseph, katie, wyatte, liz, alexys, matt, and otto own their own fursona's but they prefer i draw pics for them of their fursonas.

so, here's more about me!

im a dingo
im 14 (my fursona is 21)
Mate: this Australian is taken!
height: im 5 foot 5, but my character is 6 foot 7

im currently working on two stories, Wild Dust which is a feral story, and The Darkened Light which is an anthro story.

Loves: my boyfriend <3, my sispai! (katie), my friends, pizza, fries, youtube, five nights at freddy's, family guy, Teen Titans (the real one!), tank-tops, my OC's (they're my babies), jacksepticeye, animal jam, we heart it (obviously!), werewolves, guardians of the galaxy, sword art online (its an anime my friend matt got me into), winter, takis, Doberman, and taquitos!

hates: mayo, the haterz! bullies, most horror movies, and complete silence

so, there is a little about yours truly! let me know if you want me to tell you about my friends and my art process! I'll be here on we heart it!

peace! rarewerewolf signing out!