Part 2

February 10, 2004
The school year is almost over yet I always find myself in awkward situations with Anthony. So quiet and really pale, he doesn't look like a guy Vanessa would like, in my opinion. He's a bit lousy in social skills, Adam doesn't really like him all that much. Neither does Karlie, Jesse? I don't about him. He only talks to Karlie, he speaks to me sometimes, but not enough I guess.
Vanessa was away for the week so I was kinda stuck with Anthony for awhile. She told me to keep him company since nobody in the group liked him so much. We talk, but some of the conversations we had aren't really that interesting. He always seems dead to me, like a walking corpse. Vanessa said he has trouble sleeping and he gets way too carried away with work.

I wouldn't blame him I'm just the same.

February 12, 2004
Vanessa just got back today and recently Anthony and I have grown really close. I can kinda see why Vanessa likes him so much, but when Vanessa came back he went back to barely talking. Something's not right and I know it isn't. To be Continued.....