Maybe Taylor used the eclipse to start her new era because she´s transforming in a darker version of herself.
Maybe all the bad things finally killed the romantic and dreamer Taylor.

I really don`t know nothing about this new creature, because i believe that her music always shows what she have inside of her heart. And now we are looking for something dark and cold.

But call down, this is not a Hollywood thing. We are all humans, and we always change.
I really don`t know if this new Reputation will be good or bad, and we need to think about because the Bible says "what of the heart is full, this is what the lips will talk.". I believe in God, i believe in the Bible and i don`t think that darkness it`s a good thing to feel proud. But in the same way i believe in a God who can transform darkness in light!

I will wait and see whats happen. Taylor is very good in everything she do but she still human, right?

P.S. i loved her new song!