Hi there,

I'm sure a lot of you thought after reading the title that this article will be about a love story between two people. Sorry if I let you down, but this article isn't what you expected. It's about love. Love, not for a person, but a city. This is a journey from 'I'm not interested' to 'oh I think I fell in love'.

So this story begins in 2015. It was spring when my teacher announced that they organize a trip to England. My first thought was "Oh cool, a school trip.". Then my second thought was "My mum won't allow me to go, it's too expensive. Anyway, I'm not really interested in going to London. It's not on my bucketlist.". I can imagine a lot of you thinking "Is she crazy? I would do anything to go to London.". I was the type of person whose biggest dream was to go to New York (still is), not to London.

I went home that day and while talking to my mum I told her about the trip as a side comment. I told her it's probably really expensive. We let the subject drop for the moment.
Then a little later we got a paper which contained more information about this trip. I showed it to mum. And then something happened which I have never thought would happen. My mum said if I wanted to go we can arrange that. I couldn't believe what I have heard. I was twice abroad before, both times I went to Vienna, Austria, but it was just for one day. So this journey would be my longest and furthest one abroad. Of course I said I want to go if it's really not a problem to my parents.
In the meantime my brother said he wanted to go too. And it turned out that some of my former classmates will go too. So I was excited to say the least. I couldn't wait october.

Soon after a long summer break october came by and we were ready to go. We travelled by bus. We spent the time playing card games and talking on the long road trip. I couldn't sleep more then half an hour that night we spent on the bus. So I was pretty tired the next day. We stopped every three to four hours to rest a bit. On our first full day on the road we stopped in Brussels, Belgium. We had an hour in the city, so some of my friends and I found a street food truck and ate a belgian waffle. It was so delicious. I wanna go back just to eat more.
We were in Brussels so we had to take a look at the atomium. We didn't have the chance to go up, but it was still a nice moment.
Our trip brought us to the shores of France where we spent the night in a motel. The next morning was spent with excitement. That was the day we crossed the La Manche by ferry and set foot on Great Britain. From the first moment there was this tipical British atmosphere. The fog above the green meadow where lambs were geathered in groups. I really liked it.
We spend our first day in the UK with visiting two small towns, Cantherbury and Rochester. I liked Canterbury better, it was so cute, there were pianos on the street that you could play, street music and adorable little shops and restaurants. In a shadowed area we found an old telephone box, and of course, we had to take some pictures.
The following day was the most exciting one for sure. It was the day we went to London. There was a huge morning traffic but eventually we made it to the city. Everyone's eyes were glued to the window as we watched people going to work and do their business. Our first stop was the London Eye where we had to queue for an hour but it was worth it. The view was beautiful. That city is huge.
After that happened my favourite part. We started walking alongside the river towards the Big Ben. Stepping on the bridge I couldn't take my eyes away from the clock tower. It was breathtakingly beautiful. I could stare at it for hours, but unfortunately we had to hurry. We went to the Hyde Park which was full of adorable squirells. We saw the place where the Prime Minister lives, then we went to the Madame Tussouds.
In the following days we checked out the M&M's world, the Oxford street, the Tower, the Tower Bridge, Greenwich, the Transport Museum and the British Museum. I loved both museums very much. We went to a castle too which garden was beautiful. We saw so many different people, so many beautiful buildings. I loved hearing people talking in English, loved the street performers, the buzz of the city. And then I thought "I think I fell in love with London".

I'm greatful for the people who made this trip possible and so incredible. I can't wait to go back. I have been to Brussels, Vienna and Tenerife, but I never felt this strong feeling of wanting to go back.

I wish you guys to have the chance to see this breathtaking, charming city.